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Intis Telecommunication - massive program which can find solution for different pains. This mechanism helps to transmit bulk text without difficulty.

Main part

Bosses everywhere are fascinated by sharing vital information, discussing the latest news, or setting tasks. According to the very rapid flow of our life and especially eager to gain time - a vast majority of people give preference SMS because this way of communication is the fastest and the most useful for modern people. This simple and well-known software is made to make men and women to reach the goals.

+ and -

Using IntisTele system has a lot of strengths. For example:

Easy in usage. Your task is to sign up and replenish the balance. Now you can to give a task or share the important offers.

Speed of delivery. A fast solution to transfer bulk texting is about the Intis Telecommunication system. The epoch of homer and fax are things of the past.

Today bulk text is one of the most reliable ways of having virtual conversation.

Concerning disadvantages of this manner of communication could be named the lack of guarantees, that your message will be delivered to the receiver.

The mean time of bulk texting distribution assembles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are located possesses network coverage).

Solutions by department

SMS software is a beneficial solution for departments. It is a decision for everyone else.

SMS software considered to be a useful tool for achieving each marketing goals. For instance:

Clear automation and optimization of campaigns` schedules. You will not miss the fellows` birthday because of this SMS software.

Bulk texting could be implemented in the department`s everyday routine. Bulk texting can help:

To transfer statistics to XLS or CSV just with one click.

web designers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

Owing to the innovation it is possible to transfer multiple  messages, gather status.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele messages software gives permission for debugging your unique software solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Java.

IntisTele plugins and widgets are created for smoothing integration of most major CMS (Drupal).

SMS commands are a rescue for sysadmins as they can establish remote administration and server management.

Inform on time concerning the alerts.

SMS software is instantly updating on the exact server infrastructure performance.

Business owners also could systematize the employees' workflow because of a SMS system. Define tasks for your coworkers.

Put in order your everyday corporate workflow with the help of SMS.

Get response from clients per bulk texts.

IntisTele software is ready for use for everyone. On the website you can get acquainted an understandable web interface, variant of payment action that matches every wallet and a very attractive affiliate program. With the help of SMS software:

Solutions by industry

The SMS software solution is suitable for offline and online shopping. This service could be helpful for solving a issues of different spheres in various industries.

It is a perfect solution for trading. With SMS system exists an opportunity to establish notifications about offers.

You are able to apply bulk texting system into the transport actions, for example taxi.

This software considered to be the best solution rise travel and transport actions and make people have the best experience during thr journeys.

SMS software could be helpful for startups and IT. This integration is necessary for hosting.

Bulk texting notify to supply safety. It is applicable for surveillance.

Prices for SMS

It is convenient to refill the balance and choose the budget which you are ready to give. Intis Telecommunication can propose varied ways of funding the balance. For example, Credit cards.

Application Programming Interface

API is a program, with the help of which one computer is capable of to interact with the other one. This method was invented to mix varied apps in one system.

With the help of Application programming interface you can request for status

It can be applied to CRM.


On the occasion any questions have left about the program and how it works, do not zoom back and forth to visit IntisTele FAQ.

SMS guidelines

Make bulk text targeted.  the database into individual groups by age.

Since this moment you can deliver offers only to people who show an interest in service.

Integrate call-to-action into your bulk texting mail-outs. Your text of SMS should include information which will inspire the potential client do something. For reaching this result, do not forget to leave a link to the website.

Make all the crucial conditions for customers to come and after that it is more likely to achieve conversion rates.

Tell your name. Do not hesitate to specify company name right at the top of your text message. This technique will lead to additional concentration to your SMS and make the message special. Customers will regularly know organization which addresses them.

Affiliate program

Thanks to a special IntisTele Affiliate network the user could get a commission for attracting fresh customer. You are able to gain around to 10% of the month's refill balance payment, which is made by the user you have brought to Intis Telecommunication program.

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